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Child Sponsorship

This girl needs your help

It costs only $400 per year
- less that a cup of coffee a day -
to make a major difference
in the life of a child who has so little!

Through IAT's Child sponsorship Program you can provide assistance to a child whose economic circumstances deny him or her adequate diet, health care, and educational opportunities. . . . read on . . . .

The primary way children can escape the poverty into which they were born, is through education. Many marginalized children are, however, either unable to attend or remain in school due to lack of financial means. Reasons for children dropping out of school can be as basic as parents not being able to provide them with notepad or pencil. Since its inception in 1980, IAT has focused upon assisting the poorest of the poor in the Philippines, many of whom are orphan children.

IAT's Child Sponsorship program is unique in a number of ways:

Tulago children in traditional dress
  • The selection of children for support is conducted by IAT's staff and not contracted out to another agency;
  • Applicants are screened and house visits are conducted by staff to ensure that the family situation warrants assistance;
  • Sponsorship is considered a joint effort involving: the student, the sponsor, the parents and IAT;
  • Apart from providing indigent children with the opportunity to go to school, IAT provides for each child under its program to participate in workshops and seminars to increase their confidence, competence, practical skills and leadership abilities;
  • Students are encouraged to take pride in, and maintain the positive aspects of their indigenous culture;
  • In addition to the academic education, the special training provided by IAT gives students that X-factor that sets them apart from others and in most cases ensures them success in whatever they undertake to do;
  • If students are capable of going on to higher education, IAT's seeks additional support to enable them to obtain a college or university degree, rather than drop support when they finish high school;
  • Students are closely monitored and the staff makes sure that a sponsor's support is being used in the most cost effective way.

Most sponsorship programs terminate a child's support when he or she completes high school. While this helps a child or its family for the few years while support is provided, it does not address sustainability or the bigger picture. A high school education no longer ensures a better life. We have seen how frustrating and disempowering it is for a bright child, keen to go on to college or university, to be denied that opportunity because he or she is no longer a cute little kid with eyes and face pleading for help. If a young man or woman, in a developing country, is going to be an instrument of positive socio-economic change, it is important that they are educated beyond secondary school level.

Senior students under IAT sponsorship

IAT has always focused upon a sustainable approach to development and to its sponsorship program, which has enabled hundreds of indigent children to graduate from schools and universities during these past 30 years. Our program has produced a number of skilled technicians and the following professionals: teachers, nurses, midwives, medical technicians, accountants, college professors, agriculturalists, foresters, accountants, lawyers, and one doctor. IAT now has young graduates from more than fifty villages in several areas in the Philippines. Many are now in their respective communities working to improve the conditions of their people.

Apart from our main target area of Kalinga province, IAT has provided educational opportunities for children from: Ifugao, Mountain Province, Zambales, Abra, Mindoro, Fuga Island, Manila and outlying lowland areas.

Your sponsorship dollars go to provide for your child's:

Odessa and Eda
  • tuition and school fees;
  • books and school supplies;
  • room and board;
  • transportation;
  • leadership training workshops and seminars.
Kalinga boy

Your support can positively impact young lives in the Philippines
and, in return, can enrich your life as well.


My name is Irene Kopel and my wish is that everyone interested in sponsorship can experience what I have as an IAT sponsor-the soul satisfying transformations that sponsorship can bring about in a child when it is done through an outstanding charity. I am so enthusiastic about IAT that I have sponsored more than ten IAT students so far. As a result, today I am the EXTREMELY PROUD sponsor of a newly graduated accountant, a high school history teacher, a Rotarian president, a writer/future anthropologist and a lawyer who is specializing in women's rights, tribal law and environmental issues. Thanks to IAT, I truly feel as blessed as my sponsored children!

When you become a sponsor you will:

  • receive a photo and personal history of the child you are assisting;
  • have the opportunity to correspond with the recipient of your kindness;
  • receive regular communication from your child;
  • experience the joy of knowing you're making a difference in the life of needy child.

You can also help by. . .

  • Donating - Donations received from individuals, service clubs, church groups and foundations can be directed to specific programs, in accordance with the wishes of the donor. Click here to donate.
  • Purchasing a copy - of IAT's documentary " THE SPIRIT OF TORCAO." Proceeds go to support IAT's programs.
Spirit of Torcao documentary

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